Russian Air Force Diet

Russian Air Force Diet

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If you like starvation diets then this might be one for you. It was originally developed to keep soldiers in the former Soviet Union fit and ready for battle, hence the name. It is a very strict low calorie diet where you have coffee for breakfast, a small amount of protein and a bit of fruit for lunch, another small amount of protein and a salad for dinner. You are also required to drink at least 4 glasses of water or diet soda a day, which actually isn’t enough. I suppose there’s some perks as you are allowed to use herbs and seasoning on your meals otherwise they would be pretty bland Dell Precision M60 battery. Again though, of course you will lose weight on this diet as you are eating far fewer calories than normal but as with any quick weight loss regime, it cannot possibly be sustained and all the weight and possibly more is likely to pile back on afterwards.

Chicken Soup Diet

This diet is just as it sounds, you eat as much chicken soup as you want but nothing else other than perhaps a small breakfast. If you can live on chicken soup 7 days a week then the chances are you will lose weight but would you want to? There are other options that are far more dell Inspiron 6400 battery appealing.

Cabbage Soup Diet

This one has been quite popular amongst dieters probably because the weight loss is quite rapid to begin with. The down side of course is that it isn’t a long term solution as it cannot be sustained, you are also likely to experience a lot of flatulence and stomach cramps and you won’t be getting all the nutrients you need. You also would have to have a will of iron to keep to it and if you do then why opt for dell Inspiron E1505 battery cabbage soup? Instead you could use your will power to lose weight the normal way and eat healthier and less.

Acai Berry Diet

The Acai berry comes from the Amazon rain forest in Brazil. This diet became popular after Dr Perricone revealed on the Oprah Winfrey show that it is the best antioxidant of all, even better then blue berries, and Oprah said she used them. Rather than being a specific diet for weight loss, weight loss is achieved by incorporating the Acai berry into an existing weight loss plan to aid weight loss and there is evidence that it can be highly beneficial to health. Acai dell Inspiron 1501 battery berries help to clean and improve the digestive system and detoxify the body and this is bound to help shed a few extra pounds. Although this diet isn’t a fad as such, it is included because the hype surrounding them means there are a lot of unsubstantiated claims used to encourage people to buy certain Acai berry products that are not only expensive, they simply won’t work if you don’t make other adjustments to your diet too.

Negative Calorie Diet

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could eat our way thin? The idea behind this diet is that you eat battery that will give you a negative calorie effect. In other words, the process of digesting the food uses up more calories than the dell GD761 battery contains in the first place. If it sounds too good to be true it’s because it is. It isn’t possible to live on negative calorie battery for any length of time and although you may lose weight to start with you’ll soon pile it all back on when you stop. Examples of negative calorie battery are Celery, Broccoli, Cabbage and Courgette although there are others. Once again we have the very simple concept that if you eat fewer calories than you use up you will lose weight. It isn’t rocket science is it?

Grapefruit Diet

Here’s another diet that has proven to be very popular amongst serial dieters. The main food in this diet is of course the grapefruit although other low calorie battery may be incorporated too. Again the problem is that it is a quick fix dell KD476 battery diet that cannot be sustained and any sort of diet that advocates very low calories is just not healthy. Yes you may lose a few pounds in a few days but are likely to put it straight back on as soon as you start a normal eating plan again.

3 Day Diet

Most people will have heard of the 3 day diet simply because it is so popular for short term weight loss. There is nothing amazing about this diet as once again it involves eating fewer calories for a few days – nothing miraculous about that as of course you will lose weight in the short term. There are variations of it but a typical 3 day diet will involve fruit juice and a slice of bread for breakfast, small piece of protein and salad for lunch, a bit of fruit and either dell TD347 battery, meat or poultry with vegetables for dinner. You can drink black tea or coffee too.

Bread and Butter Diet

Bread and Butter Diet
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If someone told you to eat a slice of bread and butter with each meal so you could lose weight you would think they were crazy but that’s exactly what this diet is. The secret of weight loss with this diet is actually no secret at all, you end up eating less than 1000 calories a day so not only will you feel hungry and deprived, you won’t be able to stick to it, so it isn’t a long term solution but a crash diet instead. It’s similar to the 3 day diet really but this one lasts for 4 days. On day one for breakfast you have a slice of bread and butter and fruit juice, for lunch some dell MM165 battery tuna and a salad and a slice of bread and butter, for dinner fish and veg, a bit of fruit and a slice of bread and butter. Days 2 to 4 are much and such the same with slight variations but you do get to incorporate different types of bread.

Hallelujah Diet

How about a diet proposed by God himself. Here we have the hallelujah diet developed by Pastor George Malkmus who reckoned it was what God intended us to eat in the Garden of Eden. Basically what we have here is a Vegan diet consisting of mostly raw foods with a small cooked portion thrown in for good measure. Meat, fish, dairy dell YD626 battery products and any tea, coffee or alcohol are not allowed. Amusingly, some supplements are allowed which also happen to be available for sale on the hallelujah diet website; did God intend that I wonder?

Special K Diet

We couldn’t have a list of diet fads without including the Special K diet so blatantly blasted at us by the media recently. The simple diet created by Kellogs is that you eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast, another for lunch, and then an evening meal and you would drop a size in 2 weeks. What an ingenious dell 312-0393 battery marketing plan! My local supermarket was sold of out Special K cereal as soon as the first ad appeared on the telly.

Beverley Hills Diet

This diet is one of those very low calorie diets that could actually be dangerous if sustained for any length of time. It is based on a book by Judy Mazel that was first published in the early 80’s. The theory dell Latitude D800 battery behind it is that if food isn’t properly digested it turns into fat so the body needs to have the right enzymes in order to digest the food. Most of the days in the diet are fruit only days with a few vegetable only days and some days where you are allowed a small amount of carbohydrates as well. Apparently you will lose a stone in a month but even if you do, it isn’t a healthy way to lose weight.

dell Cider Vinegar Diet

dell cider vinegar is produced from fermented juice of an dell and has been used as a health tonic for centuries even though none of the claims have been properly substantiated. It started off being popular as a weight loss aid in the 50’s when Dr Jarvis published a book called Folk Medicine. He maintained that taking this vinegar would help burn fat. However, it is more likely to be a folk tale than a genuine weight loss dell Inspiron 8500 battery product. That won’t stop folk from trying it though.

Chocolate Diet

Now here’s a diet that will appeal to chocoholics worldwide. According to Sally Ann Voak, you will lose half a stone in 2 weeks and you still get to eat chocolate. The theory behind this diet is that if you allow some chocolate (something that is normally banned in diets) you are more likely to stick to the diet and lose weight. The diet is aimed at 6 different types of chocolate eaters; the secret bingers, the romantics, the comfort eaters, the weekend indulgers, the sugar addicts and the premenstrual cravers. Depending on which category of chocolate eater you fall into there is a diet plan for you. Regardless, the main diet consists of approximately dell 8N544 battery calories a day to begin with and then up to 1300 calories after that which includes a choccie allowance of between 50 and 300 calories a day. The calorie intake in this diet is quite simply too low to be healthy.

Peanut Butter Diet

Peanut butter for weight loss, it must be a joke, and yet there really is such a diet. It was first put out by Holly McCord, writer for an American health magazine who wrote a book called The Peanut Butter Diet. The diet consists of nothing more than low calorie meals with peanut butter dell Inspiron 8600 battery thrown in. Is that a genuine solution to long term weight loss? I doubt it.

Slimfast Diet

If you want to replace real cooked meals with liquid shakes and food bars then slim fast might be the diet for you. Despite how ridiculous that sounds it is extremely popular and has been on the market for over 25 years now.

Personally I think the only viable, healthy and effective method for long term sustainable weight loss is the most simple of all. Eat a laptop battery details balanced diet and cut out the crap.


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