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Yeah its new year, time of the good ole “I will lose 4 pounds per week till I hit my target weight” time….

No one can argue that the quest to lose weight really is a major problem for many people. Obesity is now one of the biggest (no pun intended), if not the main health problem in western society today. Just take a look around when you’re out and about and count how many fatties there are on the street. It’s quite shocking.

A quick browse on the Internet will also reveal that there are literally thousands of ‘dell Latitude D620 battery’ out there all proclaiming that this is the one that will do it for you. Some larger than life folks may try one or two diets before going back to their old eating habits but sadly, many will spend their entire lives on a diet of some sort. What sort of quality of life is that?

Perhaps the problem lies buried in the reason why people get fat in the first place, instant gratification. In these days of fast living and fast foods many people eat ready prepared foods loaded with sugar and fat and they want a quick fix diet that will dissolve the excess pounds in days if not hours.

The bizarre thing is that the most effective and straightforward way to lose weight is so incredibly dell 312-0386 battery simple, it’s to eat fewer calories than what your body uses up on a daily basis. You can’t fail. Anyway, the following are 20 of the most brain dead fad diets in history.

The Hollywood Cookie Diet

Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Eating cookies to lose weight must seem like a dream for some cookie monsters. The idea is to replace meals with specially prepared cookies each containing around 150 calories. If you read the small print it also says that it should be used as part of a low calorie diet and regular exercise routine. Hmmm! Nothing spectacular about that then, you eat fewer dell PC764 battery calories and the weight drops off. Let’s try another…

The Baby Food Diet

Who wants to eat baby food three times a day? Well if you’ve tried everything else I suppose you’d give anything a go. The baby food diet involves eating three baby meals a day. Apart from the obvious embarrassment associated with opening your jar of mashed slop at work, baby food is designed for babies so as an adult with a much larger requirement for calories you’re basically going to starve on 3 small dell TD175 battery a day. Then again, isn’t that how we lose weight, by eating fewer calories than what we use?

Blood Type Diet

Here’s an interesting concept. The right diet for you depends on what blood type you are. This is a diet that became very popular after publication of Peter D’Adamo’s book on the subject which claims that not only will you lose weight; you will improve your health in general. Now as most people are blood type O, most of the population should be following the same diet right! Here’s the gist of it…blood type O people should eat a low carbohydrate, high protein diet that is also low in dairy products and should indulge in lots of exercise. Sounds health enough. Blood dell Latitude D820 battery type A folks should concentrate on fish and vegetables and stay away from red meat and take only light exercise. Blood type B should eat meat and dairy produce with plenty of fruit and vegetables and only some fish. Blood types AB combine the diets for A and B. So what happens if you are blood type A, allergic to fish and into athletics? If this diet works then it’s most likely down to the fact that the diet doesn’t advocate refined or processed foods and is healthier in general no matter what blood type you are.

Atkins Diet

This diet was first proposed by Dr Atkins in 1972 and then had a resurgence of popularity in the 90’s when his book called The New Diet Revolution was published. The basic idea behind the diet is to strictly control carbohydrate intake so that the dell Latitude D830 battery will burn fat instead but you can eat unlimited amounts of meat, fish and eggs. Sounds simple enough, however, the fat intake in this diet is significantly increased to levels that are sometimes far higher than those considered to be safe. Many people have lost weight on the Atkins diet but at what cost to their health?





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