inherent complexity

inherent complexity

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The secret of battery (Hp HSTNN-UB02 battery) quick testing lies, to a large extent, in understanding how the battery is being loaded. Battery loads vary from short current bursts for a mobile phone using the GSM protocol, to long and fluctuating loads on dell Inspiron 1000 battery laptops, and to intermittent heavy loads for power tools.

Because of these differences in loads, a battery for a digital mobile phone should be tested primarily for low impedance to assure a clean delivery of the current bursts, whereas a battery for a notebook should be examined mainly for the bulk in energy reserve. Ultra-low impedance is of less importance here. A battery for a power tool, on the other hand, needs both — low impedance and good power reserve.

Some quick testers simulate the equipment load and observe the voltage signature of the (dell Inspiron 2200 battery) under these conditions. The readings are compared with the reference settings, which are stored in the tester. The resulting discrepancies are calculated against the anticipated or ideal settings and displayed as the SoH readings.This inherent complexity makes it difficult, if not impossible, to create a formula that works for all batteries.

In spite of these seemingly insurmountable odds, battery ( dell 312-0292 battery) quick testing is possible. But the question is asked, “how accurate will it be, and how well will it adapt to continuously changing battery chemistries?” The cost of a commercial quick tester and the ease-of-use are other issues of concern.

The silver-zinc batteries also won't degrade in capacity during the first year, while lithium-ion batteries can lose up to 30 percent of their capacity over that period, Dueber said. After a year, however, silver-zinc batteries start degrading at a rate similar to lithium-ion dell INSPIRON 2600 battery.

Silver-zinc is not a new technology, said Vishal Sapru, industry manager of power systems group at Frost & Sullivan. Early batteries were mainly for one-time use in military and aerospace devices, and ZPower is adding recharge capabilities to those batteries, Sapru said.

The batteries could be good for consumers who want an alternative to lithium-ion batteries, which have received "unfortunate" publicity lately for catching fire, said Jeff Shepard, president of the Darnell Group.

"What we see here is a very strong product that will alleviate those issues. I don't know if it's going to be a silver bullet, but it could be a viable alternative," Shepard said. Because the technology is relatively new, any imperfections might not be known yet, so PC makers will take a wait-and-see approach, he predicted.

Sapru said he thinks the concerns about lithium iron dell INSPIRON 2650 battery are overblown. "Think of how many laptops and cell phones we use and carry," he said. Companies like Valence Technologies and A123 Systems are researching phosphate material that should further reduce the fire risk.

It also remains to be seen if silver-zinc batteries can compete on price, since lithium-ion is relatively cheap, Sapru said. The silver-zinc batteries contain silver, which can be expensive.

ZPower is starting off with laptops, but it plans dell 1G222 battery for mobile devices like cell phones in a few years, Dueber said. The company needs to get the technology validated to encourage other vendors to adopt it.

The focus on mobile products comes partly from Intel Capital, which invested in the company in 2004, Dueber said.

Unfortunately, the impedance measurement alone provides only a rough sketch of the battery’s performance. The readings are affected by various battery conditions, which cannot always be controlled. For example, a fully charged dell BAT3151L8 battery that has just been removed from the charger shows a higher impedance reading than one that has rested for a few?hours after charge. The elevated impedance is due to the increased interfacial resistance present after charging. Allowing the battery to rest for an?hour or two will normalize the battery. Temperature also affects the readings. In addition, the chemistry, the number of cells connected in series and the rating of a battery influence the results. Many batteries also contain a protection circuit that further distorts the readings.





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