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As one of the new solar energy Sony laptop battery, in addition to extensive use of light in the form of heat that is common in the form of the use of solar water heaters, etc., can also generate electricity. One of the more common is the photovoltaic power generation, that is, solar radiation will be converted to electrical energy, is more mature power generation technology, widely used.

National Association of Industry and New Energy Chamber of Commerce executive vice president, group-wei, chairman of the board, said Liu Hanyuan, with renewable energy is hydroelectric power, wind power, Toshiba Laptop Battery and Hp OmniBook 6000 battery compared with the four major advantage of solar power generation. The first few links into the use of direct. At present, crystalline silicon solar cell conversion efficiency in the practical level of 15-20 percent, to be used in one-time conversion of energy efficient new energy. The second is less consumption of resources. Solar power generation area of land occupied by wind power is only 1 / 8-1 / 10, and biomass power generation of 1 / 100, to build large-scale hydropower dams to the land occupied by much smaller. Third, the volume contains abundant solar Hp F1739A battery resources. Judging from the current development of China can contain the amount of resources, approximately 378,000,000 kilowatt hydropower, wind power, about 253,000,000 kilowatt, while solar energy is 2,103,900,000,000 kilowatt. The fourth is in the process of solar power is no waste residue, waste, waste water, waste gas generated. Judging from the current generation of various forms of carbon emissions, if we count the upstream area, solar photovoltaic power generation close to zero emissions, coal and oil for power generation, natural gas and even wind power, he must meet certain emissions.

For this reason, solar photovoltaic industry has been regarded as the most environmentally clean and sustainable energy forms, in recent years has been the rapid development of the world. Over the past 10 years, the global PV industry average annual growth rate of 41.3 percent in the past 5 years was 49.5% in 2007 than the 56.2 percent growth in 2006. In the face of resource depletion, environmental degradation caused by the energy crisis, solar energy, with its broad distribution of the resources of clean, renewable energy technology development, as well as the full, has been favored by many Hp Omnibook XE battery countries.

Sync with the global, China is rapidly emerging as a solar PV cells produce power. In 2000, Chinese production of photovoltaic cells was only 3 megawatts by the end of 2007 reached 1088 megawatts, ranking first in the world. Since December 2005 Suntech Power Co., Ltd. in New York Stock Exchange, less than two years, there have been more than 10 Chinese enterprises in the PV market at home and abroad.

The local market to be developed

The Chinese government supports the development and utilization of solar photovoltaic power generation. 2002 to 2004, the National Organization of the rural power transmission project, the central and local governments will total 4.7 billion of funds in Inner Mongolia, Qinghai, Xinjiang, Sichuan, Tibet and Shaanxi provinces and regions in 12 townships in the city of 1065, Sony PCGA-BP2T battery the building of a Photovoltaic power granted to renewable energy-based power plant.

Before and after the Olympic Games in Beijing this year, solar photovoltaic skill demonstrated time and again. May, Suntech's successful Olympic torch climb Everest services, and later for the main Olympic stadium provides a bird's nest of green emergency power system. In the landscape of the Olympic Park Avenue, Hp F2024B battery stands the Art produced by the Group of 29 solar power generation components of the column of information, played a shade, power generation, multi-function watch, and so on.

However, with China's huge production capacity of photovoltaic cells, solar photovoltaic in China is still a small market has lagged far behind the industry. Now, China's solar photovoltaic industry is a typical export-oriented sectors - raw materials and sales markets Hp F2024A battery are mainly abroad. According to statistics, in 2006, China's primary energy consumption, solar energy accounts for only 0.51 percent; in 2007, China's installed solar photovoltaic capacity was less than 1% share of the world, producing countries and very different position.

In addition, the application of solar photovoltaic and solar energy resources, China is also rich out of proportion. Chinese solar Sony PCG-Z505 battery energy rich region's land area and account for 2 / 3 or more years of radiation over 6,000,000,000 J / m, the surface each year to absorb the solar energy equal to about 1,700,000,000,000 tons of standard coal of energy, especially in the northwest, Tibet and Yunnan And other regions, HP XH260 battery is particularly rich in solar energy resources. Wan Gang Minister of Science and Technology predicted that if the Chinese use of the existing 20% and 2% of the roof area of the Gobi Desert and the region would allow the solar photovoltaic installed capacity of 22 million kilowatts in generating capacity of up to 2,900,000,000,000 kilowatt Time. Now installed capacity of less than one ten thousandth.





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