Solar photovoltaic barriers

Solar photovoltaic barriers
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Solar photovoltaic barriers to the development of the domestic HP Pavilion N5200 battery market mainly from the high cost, high cost of power generation. At present, the cost of photovoltaic power generation in each unit of electricity at about 4-6 yuan, equivalent to about 10 times the power generation, and commercial applications are still a considerable distance.

But in the long run, solar photovoltaic, Hp Omnibook XE3 battery or there are a number of comparative advantages. China's first home in the U.S. Nasdaq-listed solar PV companies - CSI Qu Xiao Hua, president of Art, said: "People often talked about solar power generation can only see the ultimate price of energy than conventional power generation to be as expensive, but very few To consider the use of traditional energy caused by the environmental cost of land, as well as the cost of energy for sustainable development potential if these are taken into account, solar photovoltaic in fact have a great advantage. "

Look forward to the support of state policies

"Renewable energy development" 11th Five-Year Plan "," China clearly put forward by the year 2010, renewable energy in energy consumption in the proportion of 10%, the total solar power capacity 300,000 kilowatts.

Many believe the industry, Hp 346970-001 battery photovoltaic power generation due to the current high cost of power generation is still totally rely on market-driven, the photovoltaic industry will be difficult, so policy support to promote PV market has become the major driving force for growth, one of the important point is to proceed " Internet pricing "policies to improve the problem.

National Association of Industry and New Energy Chamber of Commerce executive vice president, Suntech Power Co., Ltd. Shi Zhengrong, chairman of an interview with reporters, said that starting as early as this area is Germany, in 2004 the implementation of the revised "tariff", Implementation of compensation for the purchase of electricity, Hp HSTNN-DB02 battery according to the different forms of solar power, the government for a period of 20 years, different levels of subsidies. Compensation for the purchase of electricity from the introduction of German photovoltaic market has become a catalyst for growth, just a few years later, Germany won over Japan as the world's largest photovoltaic market. Despite the current financial crisis hit the world of the photovoltaic industry continuation of the policy thrust is still some strength still increasing government subsidies.

Although China passed the "Renewable Energy Law," and expressly stated that the "purchase price" and "the whole network assessments" of the provisions of the laws and regulations, but the implementation of the rules and regulations is not yet in place, Hp HSTNN-UB02 battery do not have a strong operational. "Solar power is a new thing into concrete policy, how the Internet, how pricing, government, power companies, enterprises do not have experience, summed up the need to explore." Shi Zhengrong said.

However, China's photovoltaic power generation prospects, Shi Zhengrong is still full of confidence. He predicted that, Hp DP390A battery through the upper reaches of the industrial chain of polysilicon prices and a decline in industrial technological innovation, Tak in 2012 is expected to achieve the photovoltaic power generation per 1 yuan money. He said: "When the cost of photovoltaic power generation with the same thermal power, we have reason to believe that the photovoltaic market will have unlimited room for growth."Photovoltaic cell production in the world

As one of the new solar energy Compaq PP2100 battery, in addition to extensive use of light in the form of heat that is common in the form of the use of solar water heaters, etc., can also generate electricity. One of the more common is the photovoltaic power generation, that is, solar radiation will be converted to electrical energy, is more mature power generation technology, widely used.





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