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In recent years, the initial development of stable and sustainable industry of solar thermal utilization suddenly had a sense unconsciously turbulent. Flat solar water heater and vacuum tube solar water heaters contest gave me a new war situation.

As a rising star of vacuum tube solar water heaters, and its pace of rapid development in China will be the pioneer of hot water dish solar panel, solar water heater that has been stifled. Compared to solar vacuum tube was born in the Chinese battery online market in terms of development speed and extent of these years is because the flat rate for the slow progress of solar energy. Scan the global market, only China is growing and vigorously promote the development of solar vacuum tubes, but the main road to go is home, while solar energy flat panel based Zeyi foreign markets, but above most government projects. With advances in technology, international integration, the “global village” era of vacuum tubes are required to achieve a direct confrontation with the flat screen, sunlight and heat, “Wo Lidou” is also exacerbated . In this struggle “in which Who will benefit?

Production of Compaq Presario R3000 battery (Compaq r3000 battery) companies benefit

Vacuum tube solar water heaters at its first appearance, its investment is relatively small, fast, no need to spend too much equipment and personnel will be able to complete the manufacture of products. However, flat solar water heater production of capital investment in line, rather than a vacuum tube solar water heater, but also solve the thermal properties, coating, and many other issues, financial strength and the technological level that is not the majority of companies can have one. Coupled with the first flat-panel solar water heater, water, quality of product, technology, performance, notably in terms of resistance to cold, there are some flaws, there are also disadvantages of selling prices, development of user home are struggling, and vacuum tube solar water heater line antifreeze good design properties, lower prices, especially for home users, and has won the favor of home users. Syndicated news prompted a number of manufacturers involved a vacuum tube solar energy, promotion of production at the expense of Compaq Presario X6000 battery energy dish.

After years of development, Chinese companies manufacturing solar energy was growing rapidly, many Hp Pavilion ZV5000 battery companies in technology, force, reserves of talent and capital, both have a certain amount of change in its strategy of expanding outward and upward sexual development needs and then produce and want to enter the international market, high end products in the company production is limited to the vacuum tube heater Solar water is certainly still be standing. Current vacuum tube solar water heater performance homogenization phenomenon has been self-evident, that absorbs heat, Paul thermal efficiency of a virtual ceiling, coupled with different national agencies, the needs of the construction business and market conditions international force manufacturers to make solar energy in China change. Solar hot “Wo Lidou” Chinese solar manufacturers with a resounding, inspired, and only vacuum tubes, flat with both hands to keep pace with the overall global environment for development. In fact, China is taking a two-way lines, there are plenty of manufacturers of solar energy.

Five-Star Solar Co., Ltd in Guangdong as an example, the use of solar thermal Hp Pavilion ZV6000 battery industry in China, fighting for 20 years, is the development of industry best witness. As the most senior of the most powerful companies, the five-star became the use of solar thermal part of the development process, has also been a natural center of gravity of the energy industry solar China, hot water dish solar panel to change the vacuum tube heater. However, in the vacuum tube solar energy like China, while the five-star has been no relaxation of the search of the flat panel solar energy consuming, chose a two-go hand in hand, the use of vacuum tube solar water heater to capture the domestic market share, the use of hot water dish solar panel to open the door to the international market, every effort around China to promote solar flat and vacuum tube forward. Evolved into today, the five-star hotel was in his flat and vacuum tubes in both areas has been a great success, its technical capabilities have reached the international advanced level, but also result in domestic markets and international markets rural and urban, commercial high-rise residential scale projects and large public markets accounting for the corresponding terminal.

As the most representative companies in the flat panel Hp Pavilion DV1000 battery energy, Five Star Solar Co., Ltd., Hu Guang-liang, said solar energy dish on the quality of domestic product, technical content, cost effective products are enormous. What products vacuum tube, flat panel full benefits of solar energy more pronounced. Many solar manufacturers to play in keeping marketing vacuum, which is to maintain sales of high-dozen, but also public opinion for a long period of time to one side heater tube empty the tube all-glass vacuum solar thermal performance is much higher than the flat panel solar energy. The parties to promote a result, Chinese consumers are the same as solar water heaters evacuated tube solar water heater, flat solar water heater that people basically have not seen or are very rare.





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