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analysis of point of view

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From an objective analysis of point of view, the flat solar collector vacuum tube, the annual consumption of more efficient heat and pressure are good, clean water, clean, beautiful, and because structure flat-plate collector is simple, robust, guaranteed a life of service, running daily, time failure rate is low, very low battery online maintenance, easy to set temperature determined by the low temperature operation or poor circulation are used to working inside the collector flow conditions are good, easy to scale, coupled with flat plate collector together more easily with the sloping roof or a flat roof or even make a good combination the wall surface is more suitable for combination and construction, and increase the insulation performance of the building, which is characterized by sensor vacuum tubes can not be compared, and therefore the and purpose of the service market, the flat solar integrated building better suited to be applied to large scale projects an advantage. Of course, the first premise of all this is, advanced solar flat-qualified products.

In the international quality standard for hot water dish, branch operation and performance has clearly defined the needs of the collector relative in terms of heat loss must be controlled to a lesser extent, for example: 6 W / m in the base plate to absorb more than 95%, emission levels below 6%, and the cause of the thermal efficiency must be above 50%. It can be seen, plate solar collector tube solar vacuum and under the highest in terms of technological content. Although the flat Hp PF723A battery energy required by a higher technological content, the Chinese media and directed the company to develop towards a more biased in favor of solar, vacuum tube, but there are still many national companies competent in a variety of food energy needs of the solar panel, solar energy, there would still refer to the table with more food energy companies in the solar panel in China – the five stars .

It is understood that the five-star hotel has a number of special benefits, including access to the State Council, including experts in research, production and personnel management of marketing, has a production advanced testing, test equipment, instruments, with an annual production of 1 million square meters of solar water heaters of capacity, more than 50 teams with rich experience in the engineering team construction, with a large (500 m ~ 2000 m) and large (2000 m above) hot water central business the ability to have sufficient capacity to businesses, residential neighborhoods residents have put the point home for advanced solar central heating dish. Five Star also has more than 17 times by the municipal government and relevant departments of praise. In addition, the five star performance of flat Hp 367759-001 battery also tapped into the international market with products exported to the United States, Japan, Germany, France, Malaysia, Madagascar and other countries for thousands of families across the country and abroad to provide innovative products of solar energy, Let the world end-plate solar energy to bring consumers to enjoy.

Solar heat energy industry use is good

The solar thermal industry in China is growing at an incredible pace forward, but the balance of development is worthy of consideration, the international market, even so, solar, vacuum tube and electricity solar have their own room benefits of development flat, and even may not be mutually replaceable. Whether Chinese or foreign, is that by adhering to vacuum tubes, “two legs” to walk is the best law on economic development. Currently, there is a vacuum tube solar light and heat, flat “fight” are the two parties have given great importance to the performance is not the dominant phenomenon of the past, some , and the “struggle” and thus improve their shortcomings, innovation and product development are to be able to move faster progress in the industry of solar thermal use is an effective way.

Solar energy production companies flat, vacuum tubes, “disorder” in the process of also promoting the use of advances in solar thermal industry. Five Star will be chosen in the first plate, a vacuum tube, “two hands” is the long-term strategy for creating today’s “new era of flat solar pioneers” in the world. Five-Star for many years by its own research flatscreen solar energy and innovation for the food industry, which has established a “Five Star Hp PM579A battery Research Institute,” Dongguan Solar Energy Technology Research Institute “and” use of solar energy in the province of Guangdong Engineering Research and Development Center, through the integration of science, industry and so businesses, industries and promote the other.PC764,Latitude D620 battery , Recently The five-star flat flat panel solar energy, solar energy expert in the study group also achieved a major breakthrough in technology has overcome a major technical difficulty to solve the problem of flat solar antifreeze. This problem is resolved, so that all flat panel solar thermal field wider and improved market competitiveness of solar flat plate solar if truly entered a new era is also worthy of a “new era pioneer flat energy solar panel “in the title, the promotion of solar thermal industry in China. April 2009, China’s solar energy industry use heat, Executive Director Coalition to five star Luo Zhentao study tour to learn about the history and development of five star status, he expressed his ardent hope of the hotel five stars: “I hope you will bear the Chinese solar energy dish this banner to China Flat Solar bigger and stronger. “At the same time, Hu Guang-liang, chairman of the five-star solar energy,” says five stars, one of China’s flat Hp Pavilion DV4000 battery (Hp dv4000 battery) panel research and development, manufacturing pioneer, as a “pioneer of flat panel solar energy a new era” will spare no effort to promote the flat screen popularity of the Solar Energy and Development. truly accomplish the Chinese flag, the flat solar energy. “





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