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Now you can’t tell me you haven’t heard of the new craze to get fit. People have already been scrambling to get the Nintendo Wii just so they can play tennis or golf in their living room, and now we have those very same people banging on about the Wii fit.

With the Wii fit dell Inspiron E1705 battery you can practice yoga, indulge in some aerobic exercise, strength training or balance games and of course you not only have fun, the idea is you get fit and healthy at the same time. Kids love it, parents actually encourage it and grandparents have had a new lease of life because of it. The great news is that you really don’t need to fork out for a Nintendo Wii to do it.

We reckon you can get just as fit and have just as much fun using a simple laptop. Laptops are incredibly versatile and come in handy for all manner of things from booster seats to snow scrapers, from garlic crushers to breakfast trays, no kidding! If you get really creative with a laptop dell Inspiron 6000 battery you can do just about anything your brain can dream up and yes you can even have fun and get in shape too.

So if you haven’t got your laptop yet then there’s still time to snap one up before the rest of the world catches on and ditches their Wii and their gym membership forever.

And, for those of you who doubt the wisdom of our words, we know what we’re talking about because we’ve actually tried it out and have the pics to prove it. Laptop Volley Shot

We took the laptop dell 6000 battery down to the local tennis court and practiced some volleys. The laptop is fairly light so holding it was no problem and the surface area was just perfect for catching that ball before it hits the ground. With one simple swipe the ball went shooting straight back over the net. Yeah sure we heard a few strange noises from the laptop but we knew right there and then we were on to something. Laptop Cross Court Forehand Shot

After the volley shots we tried some cross court forehands which again we managed with perfect ease. Even if forehands aren’t your strong point you will find they improve dramatically when you practice with a laptop. It’s all about confidence really and you can certainly have confidence with a laptop. There’s no fear of missing the ball, it comes flying towards you and with a pleasant little thud as it hits the spot it . Again , don’t sweat the weird noises coming from the laptop , its probably just your screen cracking ! Laptop dell Inspiron 9300 battery Action Shot

Ok so we’re not the best photographers in the world but have you ever tried getting an action shot using a time delay digital camera? It’s easier playing tennis I can tell you, especially with a laptop. Just look at the image above , the rotation brings the Abs and oblique’s into play? as the swing is delivered , you just don’t get that from the Wii Fit !

I think by now you must be getting the picture.

Forget the Wii Fit Board This Is Laptop Fit Board!

That’s right, you can now improve your core stability and your balance, strengthen those muscles and create the perfect body all in the comfort of your own home. All you need is a laptop dell Inspiron 9400 battery and some imagination. For example, we got a hard ball and placed it carefully under the laptop and just climbed on.? It was a fantastic experience. No expensive gym equipment required at all, just yourself, your laptop and a ball.

Now at this point, you really can’t be worrying about noises coming from the laptop as you climb on!!? Your health and fitness regime is far more important than a few keys crunching or the screen shattering!? Just hop on and work the balance baby!

The Laptop Cider Press

Of course after all that exercise you’re going to need some sort of refreshment and what could be healthier than a freshly squeezed fruit juice? You don’t even need a juicer either; such is the versatility of your marvellous laptop dell 310-6321 battery.

Just pop through to the kitchen and get the chopping board, cut a small hole in the centre of it, and place your chopping board on top of a jug. Then, pop the apple or whatever takes your fancy on top of the chopping board and press down hard with your lap top. That’s it! It really is that simple.? The juice will flow nicely into the jug below.

If you are somewhat fussy and would prefer a smoother juice then that’s not a problem either, simply place a nylon stocking over the hole and you’ll have pure fresh fruit juice with no bits in it in no time at all.

And that’s the beauty of it all. A laptop has got to be the most useful and cost efficient accessory you could ever own. You can use it for business, for pleasure and yes, especially for keeping you fit.

Of course if you want to keep a record of your laptop dell 310-6322 battery exploits to show off to your Wii-crazed friends and family, you can not only store all your pics and scores in the very same laptop you can also email them off in an instant, think about it, not even the Wii can do that. post by laptop battery details.





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