China will become the global automotive electronics products

China will become the global automotive electronics products

Prosperity in the Chinese automotive market driven, in 2007 China's automotive electronics demand, the rapid growth, far exceeding other areas of semiconductor growth. Among them, car information systems, such as the demand for high-end MCU's main application of automotive electronics market has become the engine of growth. In addition, as consumers of automotive safety, comfort, driving performance, such as the continuous improvement of demand, manufacturers of automotive electronics products to improve the performance and functionality increase, easy to operate, and other aspects of the new requirements, ESP, TPMS, Ranging radar and a series of security technology is widely used, which require a large extent, the upper reaches of MCU products substantially increase the handling capacity, in order to adapt to the development of high-end cars to keep this trend, automotive mainstream from the speedy completion of MCU 8 to 16 upgrades, and thus start from 16 to 32 products migration, functionality and performance in such areas to better meet consumer demand.

It is based on the future of automotive electronics market optimism, the MCU major manufacturers have increased in the areas of automotive electronics products inputs and marketing efforts, in the automotive electronics market MCU occupy the dominant position in the main by Freescale, Infineon, STMicroelectronics as the representative of the United States and Europe of the manufacturers, to Renesas as the representative of the manufacturers in this field more focused solutions in the field of entertainment information.

In 2008, and the next few years, China's auto electronics market will be in the domestic automobile industry development and the promotion of the product upgrading and maintaining rapid development trend, the automotive electronics market regulation

Die will continue to expand and is expected to 2012, China's auto electronics market will be over 320 billion yuan. However, due to vehicle production gradually become stable and growing base of the size of the market, automotive electronics growth will gradually slow down. China MCU market from the application of the structure, the next five years, automotive electronics applications demand growth is most significant, with an average annual compound growth rate of 22.4 percent, to 2012 the application of the size of the market will reach 5.03 billion yuan.

Huge automotive electronics market for automotive electronics manufacturers and semiconductor companies to provide an opportunity for vehicle manufacturers, automotive manufacturers and semiconductor companies will further the cooperation, with the field of competition among manufacturers will become more intense. Foreign automotive manufacturers in China is accelerating the pace and started to begin the process of localization, to seize Chinese market, while China's domestic manufacturers Although a late start, but with their own advantages and the flexibility semiconductor manufacturers to provide the solutions mature, faces enormous Development opportunities. Automotive electronics industry will become China's electronics industry one of the major growth point in China will also become a global automotive electronics products MCU most important market.

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