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Solar power is here. We’re not exactly where we were predicted to be in the early nineties, when it was assumed we’d have completely abandoned traditional energy for solar by this point, but it is an option.

Even so, you almost dell Latitude CPi battery never see anyone actually using solar power. If yo u ask most people why not, they’ll tell you “It’s just too expensive to make the switch”.

To an extent, this is actually true. If you’re talking about switching your home over entirely to solar power, you’re probably looking at anywhere from fifteen to thirty thousand dollars. That will pay for itself in time, but it could be twenty years before you’re thanking yourself for making the switch, and let’s be honest, most of us don’t have thirty dell Inspiron 8200 battery grand just laying around collecting dust, and we have no choice but to keep paying the utility bills.

But, on a smaller scale, let’s consider what you can do with far less money…

Consider the idea of just switching your water heating over to electricity. A solar water heater can cost as low as a couple thousand dollars, and can last up to thirty years. It’s hard to say exactly how much you’ll be saving, but let’s say you take two showers, do a load of laundry, and wash the dishes once a day. After a month, that could cost you anywhere from thirty to fifty bucks (these are pretty dell Inspiron 8000 battery rough figures, of course, but they’re on the low end, and most people probably spend a lot more on hot water every month), so that could be as much as six hundred dollars a year.

So this means that a two thousand dollar solar water heater will have paid for itself in three or four years. After that point, you’re literally getting free water heating. Fill an entire swimming pool with hot water if you like, the heating itself won’t cost you a dime.

Solar water heaters do eventually break down dell Inspiron 8100 battery, but with proper care, it’s not surprising at all to see them outliving the thirty year mark. In other words, if you bought three solar water heaters today and kept two in storage, you’d have hot water for the rest of your life for less than ten thousand dollars.

Solar power seems expensive at first, but when you consider that, after a certain point, you’re literally getting energy and hot water for free, it starts to make a little more sense.

Every once in a while we get questions from our customers asking to define some of the terms that they find on their battery. So here is a short list of some of the more common terms and their definitions.

Volt – This is a measure of electrical potential. The volt is named after Alessandro Volta the “father” of dell Inspiron 4000 battery.

Watt – This is the unit for measuring electrical power, i.e., the rate of doing work, in moving electrons by, or against, an electrical potential (Volt). Formula: Watts = Amperes x Volts. This was named after James Watt one of the leaders in developing steam engines in the late 1700’s.

Watt-hour – Not to be confused with a Watt, this is a measure of electrical energy. Simply figured by multiplying Watts x Hours.

Ohm – This is not the sound that monks make in the movies, it is however a measure of the electrical resistance or impedance within an electrical circuit. Named after Georg Ohm the brain behind Ohm’s Law where he realized that there is a proportional difference when voltage is applied across a conductor and the current that goes through it.

Ampere – Commonly shortened to Amp this is the unit of electric current or amount of the electric dell Inspiron 4100 battery charge. Amps are named after André-Marie Ampère who is one of discoverers of electromagnetism.

Basically you can look at it somewhat like this; the voltage is how much power you need and the AH or amps is how much gas you have in the tank. Let me know if these help.

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