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I am a frequent reader of the dell Inspiron 2500 battery. It is an interesting site that has various information about upcoming technology.

Today I was reading about some batteries that seem to have not been made with the best of quality control. Apparently, AT&T bought some dell 75UYF battery from the now defunct Avestor. So far, 4 of these batteries have decided to either catch fire or explode. Seems as one of the latest exploded with enough force to rip a 50-60 lb. steel door clean off and throw it 5 feet. It shows why we need to make sure we are getting our batteries from companies with proven quality.

If you search the web it is easy to find where some sub-standard battery fails. Unfortunately these batteries have a bad habit of catching some people unaware and have burnt a few people. The good news however, is that on a percentage, the failed batteries are actually very minimal. Even with the 4 dell Latitude CPX battery that are giving AT&T a headache they had purchased 17,000 of them that’s actually the highest ratio I’ve seen at a little over 2%. I believe the normal in failed batteries is closer to .01 to .05%.

Granted that doesn’t make you feel any better if you happen to be one of the lucky recipients of a bad dell Latitude C600 battery. However if you can hit those kinds of odds you should run out and get a lottery ticket. How afraid are you of the batteries that are hiding in your pocket, purse, on your lap, or being held to your head? The supercapacitor resembles a regular capacitor with the exception that it offers very high capacitance in a small package. Energy storage is by means of static charge rather than of an electro-chemical process that is inherent to the dell Latitude C610 battery. Applying a voltage differential on the positive and negative plates charges the supercapacitor.

This concept is similar to an electrical charge that builds up when walking on a carpet. The supercapacitor concept has been around for a number of years. Newer designs allow higher capacities in a smaller size. Supercapacitors are relatively expensive in terms of cost per watt. Some design engineers argue that the money would be better spent in providing a larger dell 1691P battery by adding extra cells. But the Supercapacitors and chemical battery are not necessarily in competition. Rather, they enhance one another.





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