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Now to get things straight: I’ll take a smart, funny, beautiful girlfriend over a high speed laptop any day of the week. Whatever a laptop can provide, human companionship isn’t one of them. Even that natural friction that occurs when you disagree with your girlfriend is worth the world to any sane man.

But… that said, there are also things your laptop can do for you that no dame ever could. So here are the ten ways in which your laptop dell 75UYF battery one ups your gal…

10- Your Laptop is cool with Whatever Plans you Have for the Night

Wanna go out tonight? Awesome. Wanna stay in? No problem. With a long-time girlfriend, it gets to feel like you’re tied at the hip. If you want to go out, you better hope and pray she does, too. If you want to stay in tonight, same thing. A laptop is more laid back than that. Where a girlfriend says “I dunno if I feel like it”, a laptop dell Latitude C640 battery says “Cool, bro, whatever you wanna do”.

9- A Laptop isn’t all Ticked Off at you Three Days a Month for no Reason

Right? Fellas? You know what I’m talkin’ about! Those three or so days where you can’t do or say anything without getting an earful, yeah, laptops don’t do that.

8- Your Laptop won’t ask you Why You’re Afraid of Commitment

“Because you’re going to be outdated by the 2009 dell 5081P battery model before long, duh!”

7- You can turn your Laptop on with the Click of a Button

Sorry, cheap joke, but I had to get it in.

6- Your Laptop Doesn’t Get Jealous of your iPhone and your Xbox

Your laptop understands that hey, a man’s got needs! You might fool around with the Xbox and blow up helicopters in Grand Theft Auto now and then, but that doesn’t mean you love your laptop Dell 1K500 battery any less!

5- Your Laptop doesn’t make you listen to Sucky Music/Watch Sucky Movies

…Unless you visit somebody’s MySpace page, that is. But seriously, having a girlfriend means learning to accept Sex and the City. Your laptop collects exactly the same kind of stuff you’re into, so you’re never arguing over the stereo, and your laptop only plays movies you want to see.

4- Your Laptop Stays the Same Size she was when you got her

3- Your Laptop Dell Inspiron 3700 battery Doesn’t Mind if YOU Put on Some Weight

“We’re gonna need to put you on salads, big guy! ”

With a laptop, you can get bald and chubby and not shave for a week, and you’re still the same old lovable you, as far as your rig is concerned… Of course, it wouldn’t kill you to do a few sit ups once in awhile, buddy.

2- If you see your Laptop with Another Guy, you can call the Police

End of story !

1- Your Laptop can run the Newest Games

You know, girlfriends and laptops Dell Precision M40 battery aren’t even in competition on this one, so sorry, no double entendre in the title. But, as an obsessive gamer geek, I have to say that this is the most important part of any relationship I have with a laptop. Gears of War 2 is coming out soon, and I’m afraid that that’s going to be the deal breaker for any laptop I hope to pursue a serious relationship with.





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