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LCD Supercapacitor?
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Just for fun, let’s Google “Best LCD TV Ever” and see what we come up with…

Okay, the first result is the Dell Precision M50 battery 40 inch Bravia and… it appears a few more times in the results, as well. Okay, it’s fair to say that this one is a pretty popular set, let’s look at the stats and user reviews and find out.

Wow, 1920 x 1080 on a forty inch screen. Okay, that’s not too shabby at all, that makes for full HD with more than two million pixels, which is about twice what you get from a 720p HDTV. Apparently, Sony designed the TV to take advantage of the 1080p Blu-Ray disc player.

It works on the “BRAVIA dell Inspiron 700m battery Engine”, which means that standard definition image from DVDs, older video games, analog TV, etcetera, is upconverted to 1080p for a near-HD picture upgrade. What else do we got here…

Live color creation system? Hm, apparently, this TV uses the BRAVIA engine to process video so as to correct half-tones and enhance primary colors, so you get incredibly deep primary colors. Impressive. Sounds like an incredible system to watch a beautiful old Technicolor flick on.

HDMI and PC connectivity. Cool. So you can use the TV as a high-def computer monitor. That should come in handy for anyone whose work involves video editing or graphic art.

Alright, that’s what dell Inspiron 710m battery wants us to know about the TV, what do the user reviews have to say?

It seems to score overwhelmingly between four and five stars from the various review sites, with words like “Great!” and “Fantastic!” being thrown around in all the comments.

Here’s the only complaint I can find: Apparently, this guy’s TV has a few problems with interlacing from a 1080p image, and the user had to work around that problem by tricking their Blu-Ray player into thinking the TV itself is 480p, so the image is upconverted. Of course, we could only find this complaint in one review, so it may just be the guy’s Blu-Ray player.

The TV also comes in sizes from thirty two to fifty six inches, so whether you need a set for the spare room or for the den, you’ll be able to get one in the right size.

Final dell F5136 battery verdict: From the user reviews and the stats, this is definitely the best TV we’ve seen being pushed as “The Best LCD TV Ever” in awhile. Maybe we’ll discover some incredible new set a week from now that buries this one, but for the time being, it seems the Sony Bravia can certainly be trusted with the championship belt.
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